Sibikwa Arts Centre: Benoni, South Africa

Cave Dogs performance group (including Suzanne Stokes, Jim Fossett, Adam Mastropaolo and Trudy Trutwin) were in Johannesburg, South Africa from June 22-July 17, 2018, collaborating with actors, dancers and musicians at the SibikwaArts Centre in Benoni, in the province of Gauteng, which is part of the Greater Johannesburg region. This collaboration between Cave Dogs and the Sibikwa Arts Centre resulted in a shadow-based performance, called Shadows of Metsi, that was performed at the Sibikwa Arts Centre and at the Center for the Less Good Idea in Johannesburg. Founded by William Kentridge, the Centre focuses on creating and supporting experimental, collaborative and cross-disciplinary arts projects.


Cave Dogs’ is pleased to be working with both of these important institutions, the SibikwaArts Centre and the Centre for the Less Good Idea. Our performance explored water as substance, resource and metaphoric allusion, in an effort to engage debates relating to the geographies and socio-politics of water. Water means life. There is now a shortage of water in the world. Access, and the use of water, is a compelling discussion that resonates worldwide, and especially in South Africa. By further exploring this through performance we hope to bring more awareness to this important topic. Through history, memories and stories of advocacy we examined the nature of existence and its relationship to water on physical and metaphysical planes. The finished work was a collective narrative that addresses humankind’s complicated relationship to this essential, natural resource.


10 days

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Age Range

25 – 45

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