Liquid States

Liquid States

Cave Dogs presents a startling original way of telling a story. Fluid shadows and images dance in wild imagination across the screen. Each performance promises a healthy dose of the sublime, the exciting, the absurd and the downright fun that will result in something infinitely compelling.

 Liquid States, a compilation of short stories, explores water as substance, metaphoric allusion, and engages debates relating to the geographies and socio-politics of water. This 40 min. performance will consist of innovative, large-scale shadow projections cast onto a screen from a variety of props, costumes and performers. Shadows move in concert with projected video, spoken narrative, and an original soundtrack. The mobility of our light sources allow us to create multiple, richly layered visual tableaus, and produce effects that conjure both the dreamlike quality of early experimental film and the humor of contemporary animation. We use scale to create complex dynamics and images to enhance meaning in sound. We coax trees to grow and teach whales to sing. It’s magical, like watching dreams cross into the conscious world.

We attract a diverse audience with varying levels of experience with art and performance.

Cave Dogs are Suzanne Stokes, Jim Fossett, Adam Mastropaolo, Douglas Keller, Maria Jansdotter-Farr, Ted Conway, Trudy Trutwin and Emerson Fossett. Dean Jones, Grammy Award winner, created the soundtrack.


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