Sure-minded Uncertainties

Sure-minded Uncertainties

Sure-minded Uncertainties explores the influences of activism, stewardship of the earth, community, medicine, disease, aging, materialism, spiritualism, and technological advances and disadvantages. We navigate the nature of existence on the physical and metaphysical planes through the alternative lenses of micro and macro perspectives. A range of characters, including a chrysalis, scientist, a storyteller, a man with a hole, an onion lady- are modern day archetypes who navigate a series of transformations throughout five short stories interweaving their fundamentally similar, but often incongruous worlds. The work, when viewed in its entirety, combines to form a collective narrative that addresses materialism, spirituality, conservation, communication, community and aging. It is a story that is as old as dirt and as prescient as tomorrow. The exploration of this landscape is part documentary and part fictionalized realism developed through extensive research, live recordings, and written preservation of oral traditions.


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